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What's New at THFC and SpursHK

SPURS HONG KONG Loyalty Scheme
The Spurs HK Loyalty Scheme is set up to be fair and right for all of our members and to reward those who support Spurs HK activities most regularly.
Join “Spurs Hong Kong” and enjoy the benefits 2018/19
Member Benefits for Season 2018/19
Limited FA Cup Semi-final Tickets for Members ONLY
Spurs Hong Kong offer our members a last-minute chance to watch the FA Cup Semi-final at Wembley.
Live Screening at Churchill’s on Tue Nite (Wed morning) for the game vs Dortmund
Spurs HK X'mas Party 2017
Live screening of Champions League game against Real Madrid at Churchill’s (not CannyMan)
Live screening of Champions League game against Dortmund at Churchill’s (not CannyMan)
Please read if you plan to watch our CL games at the CannyMan
Free Spurs Shirts Offer
With the compliments of THFC and AIA, we are offering a free Spurs replica shirt to our 2017/18 members.
[URGENT Notification] Change of Venue for Newcastle vs Tottenham
SpursHK was notified by the Canny Man that due to broadband connective issue, the live broadcast of tomorrow's game vs Newcastle United will be affected.
Free Spurs Shirts Offer
Ladies, it’s time to mark your calendar and plan out your week.
Join “Spurs Hong Kong” and enjoy the benefits 2017/18
Member Benefits for Season 2017/18
Spurs Hong Kong Ticket Application Procedure Season 2017/18
Tottenham Hotspur ("THFC") will revert to the previous system for Wembley home match tickets during the coming season following announcement Season Tickets are sold out, application through