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THFC New Ticketing System

Posted on 2019-02-20
Dear Spurs HK 2018/19 members,

We received a message from THFC that they are going to update their ticketing system to make it easier for Supporters' Clubs to buy match tickets Under the new system, if your ticketing application has been successful, THFC will allocate your total number of seats as a group to Spurs HK on the ticketing system. Spurs HK will access the ticketing account and allocate the individual tickets to our members.

In order for this new system to work, THFC need a complete list of all Spurs HK members along with their email addresses. They will use this data to create a ticket account for our members. Spurs HK will be unable to allocate tickets to any member who does not have a ticketing account.

As a result, Spurs HK will pass our 2018/19 membership list to THFC before the end of Feb 2019, upon your approval.

Your actions:

  1. If you agree to provide your email address to THFC, please send an email to, and indicate: your full name, SpursHK 2018/19 membership no. and a message: “I agree Spurs Hong Kong to provide my email address to Tottenham Hotspur F.C.” before 12:00 p.m. On 25th February 2019.


  2. If we do not receive your email before the deadline, we will not disclose your email address to THFC, and you will not be allocated any Spurs ticket.

Thank you for you support of Spurs HK, the only official Spurs Supporters' Club in Hong Kong.