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Spurs Hong Kong Annual General Meeting 2017 Review

Posted on 2017-07-18
The Spurs Hong Kong Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2017 was held on 17.07.2017.

Chairman Savio Chan reviewed our major activities since 2015, which include:

- assisting our members to fulfill their dream by arranging the White Hart Lane match tickets;

- arranging Spurs legends to meet our supporters;

- organizing charity auctions, and donating to the charity organization;

- tightening the Spurs supporters by the closer tie with other supporters' group (Lilywhites) Hong Kong;

- arranging tickets and activities when Spurs visit Hong Kong in 2017

Treasurer Kevin Wong reviewed our financial situation in the past 2 years.  Spurs Hong Kong maintained a healthy finance since its establishment in 2013.

2017 is the year for a new committee for Spurs Hong Kong.  The AGM also confirmed the formation of a new committee for the coming 2 seasons and the inauguration ceremony followed.  The committee members list is as follows: (the heading is to be amended).

The new chairman, Jurgen Hung pledges to make Spurs Hong Kong the best football supporters' club (which consists of locals and expatriates) in Hong Kong.  Spurs Hong Kong will further tighten the relationship with Lilywhites HK (which has more than 2,800 followers).  We will also negotiate more shop discount and benefits for our members, and help our members to obtain Spurs tickets at the Wembley and the new stadium.  We also pledge to contribute to the society by more local charity work.

Spurs Hong Kong welcomes opinion from our members.  Should you have any comment or opinion, please contact our committee members, or you may send email to:  We are looking forward to seeing you at the Cannyman.  Come On You Spurs !

For the photos of our AGM , please go to our gallery: