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Review of Spurs HK (Season 17/18, 18/19)

Posted on 2019-06-07
Season 17/18 and 18/19 were poised to be important years for THFC:

We were building the best stadium in Europe. With no home advantage, we beat the European Champions (Real Madrid) at Wembley. We created the history of not signing a new player in Season 18/19. We are in the Champions League Final ….. there are a lot of memorable moments at THFC.

Unlike previous years, we have two quiet years in Spurs HK. There is no Spurs visit to Hong Kong as in 2013 and 2017. Thus, the major focus of the Spurs HK committee was to strengthen the foundation of the Supporters' Club, and prepare for the challenge in the future. Our major achievements in the past 2 years are both internal and external. .

Liaison with THFC

  • As an official Spurs Supporters' Club, SpursHK maintains an excellent relationship with THFC.

  • Spurs HK maintained a 100% successful rate in home ticket application. While obtaining a ticket in Wembley was not difficult, we successfully helped our members to get tickets in popular Champions' League matches, such as against R. Madrid and Barcelona. Even for the opening of the new stadium, Spurs HK members could get the match ticket they have applied for.

  • As an official supporters' club, Spurs HK members were invited to attend the End-of-Season award event hosted by THFC, and met supporters from other parts of the world.

  • Spurs HK also our member with better rate for free shipping at the online shop. While the online shop requests 100 pounds for free shipping to Hong Kong, we got a lower rate of 50 pounds.

Liaison with Sponsors

  • Spurs HK continues to negotiate better benefits / free gifts for our members;
  • AIA, the chief sponsor of THFC, unprecedentedly offered Spurs HK hundreds of free replica shirts in the summer of 2017. We offered every member a free Spurs shirt.

  • AIA on the other hand, give a helping hand in securing match ticket (VIP box) for Spurs HK members.

  • AIA also offered Spurs HK some signed shirts (for auction) and several copies of Pochettino's “Brave New World”

  • Spurs HK negotiated a 20% off at Nike Football: one of the most significant deals in recent years.

  • The Canny Man, Churchill's and Fansgoal etc, continue to offer us discount / venue for memorable Spurs moments.

Membership Management

  • During these 2 seasons, Spurs HK put the focus on optimizing the membership system;
  • To facilitate quicker communication with the members, Spurs HK created the whatsapp group, which proved to be effective in providing faster message to our members. This could be especially useful for some THFC events which need members to take quick action. The whatsapp group is proved to be effective in distributing the ticketing at Delaney's for the Champions' League Final.

  • To prioritize our members in attending our events (e.g. the 2017 bus parade with the players when they were visiting Hong Kong), Spurs HK launched the loyalty programme which created a fairer policy to determine who have the priority to join our events. 

Members Benefits

  • As sponsored by AIA, Spurs HK offered every member a free Spurs replica shirt in Season 2017/18. We planned to give out several Pochettino's Brave New World for lucky draw in the Champions' League Final party (postponed owing to the P.A. System at Delaney's)

  • As for previous season, we offered scarf, towel and tote bag as welcoming / renewal gift.

  • The free calendar was suspended in Season 2017/18, but Spurs HK resumes in Season 2018/19 as there were big request from our members.

  • To celebrate the opening of the new stadium, we arranged group purchase of the Crystal Palace programmes for our members.

Exposure of Spurs Hong Kong

  • Spurs HK was interviewed by Football Weekly in November, 2017. More Spurs knows the home of Spurs fans in Hong Kong;

  • Spurs HK members participated in the FIFA competition in 2019

Charity Work

  • Several charity auctions were carried out, and we raised HKD33,450. The Committee will decide which charity organizations we will donate the money.

Visit of Spurs Legend

  • Compared with July 2013 and May 2017, it is a two relative quiet years for Spurs legend(s) visit to Hong Kong. Nevertheless, Spurs fans enjoyed a memorable night with David Howells at Cannyman in August 2017.

The Future

  • With the opening of the new stadium, we are expecting a bright future for THFC. A lot of members are enquiring the possibility of the group trip to the new stadium, and the visit of our world-class training centre. The new Spurs HK committee will study the feasibility by discussing with THFC.

  • Spurs HK will continue to promote the image of THFC, and the supporters' club, by tightening the relationship with local supporters' groups, and promotion in the social media.

  • The committee will rejuvenate the supporters' club by re-studying some traditional events such as the X'mas Party. We will try to suit different needs of different members, and we are building a stronger Spurs supporters' club in Hong Kong.

Report by:  H.K.Hung

Chairman (2017-19)