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Limited FA Cup Semi-final Tickets for Members ONLY

Posted on 2018-04-01
Spurs Hong Kong offer our members a last-minute chance to watch the FA Cup Semi-final at Wembley.

Dear Spurs Hong Kong members,

SpursHK is liaising with AIA on tickets for our semifinal game vs Man Utd at Wembley on 21 April 2018.  Current season SpursHK members (as at 31 Mar 2018) can indicate their interest.


1. Send an email to, state your name, phone no. and membership no.,

    e.g. Harry Kane / 9123-4567 / Membership No.: 18

    Subject of the email: Wembley Ticket Application (FA Cup Semi Final)

2. Successful applicants will be notified by email individually;

3. T
he application is limited to ONE ticket per member only

4. If there are more applications than the match tickets allocated, we will settle it with a lottery;

5. Once you get the option to buy the match ticket, you have to show your air-ticket to London within 24 hours.  This ticket is non-transferable.  Reselling the match ticket is strictly prohibited.  If you fail to present your air-ticket within 24 hours, we would pass the chance to the next who is on the waiting list.

Price per ticket: 100 pounds

Deadline for application:
 6/4/2018  17:00

Points to note:

1. Spurs Hong Kong reserves the right to the final decision in case dispute arise;

2. Please do not pay for your air ticket until we confirmed your match ticket.

3. The availability of match ticket is subject to the allocation of our sponsor.  Spurs Hong Kong will not be liable to their change in allocation.