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Players Worn Shirts for Auction

Posted on 2015-05-09
Thanks for the donation of AIA Hong Kong, Spurs Hong Kong are offering 15 Spurs shirts for all Spurs supporters in Hong Kong.

These 15 shirts are from the 2013/14 season, and they were worn by the respective Spurs players. Spurs Hong Kong will offer these shirts in form of an auction. The money raised will go to charity. Details are as follows:

About the Shirts

2013/14 Third Shirt (Navy Blue)

(1) - No. 47 Mcevoy long sleeve Europa League
(2) - No. 35 Fryers long sleeve Europa League
(3) - No. 43 Fredricks long sleeve Europa League
(4) - No. 4 Kaboul long sleeve Europa League
(5) - No. 4 Kaboul short sleeve Europa League
(6) - No. 16 Naughton short sleeve Europa League
(7) - No. 22 Sigurdsson long sleeve Europa League
(8) - No. 22 Sigurdsson short sleeve Europa League (2 shirts)

(9) – Any Third Shirt (Navy Blue)

2013/14 Home Shirt (White)

(10) - No. 16 Naughton short sleeve Europa League
(11) - No. 30 Sandro short sleeve Europa League
(12) - No. 20 Dawson long sleeve Europa League
(13) - No. 33 Lamela short sleeve Europa League
(14) - No. 54 Dombaxe short sleeve (Without Europa badge)
(15) - No. 35 Fryers short sleeve Europa League

(16) – Any Home Shirt (White)

All shirts have been washed after the players played in them!

The Auction: Two Phases

Phase 1: Email Bidding

Who are eligible?

For Spurs Hong Kong 2013/14 and 2014/15 (Joined the membership before 30/4/2015) members only.


  1. Send an email to, state your name, phone no. and membership no, and most importantly, the shirt you are going to bid, and your price. For example:

          Harry Kane / 9123-4567 / Spurs Hong Kong 2014/15 No. 18, Spurs Hong Kong 2013/14: No. 37

          - Bid for (10) Sandro, Price: HKD800

          Subject of the email: Auction for Spurs Shirt

  1. Every member can submit one bid only. Once you have submitted the bid, we do not accept amendment. To avoid conflict of interest, Spurs Hong Kong Committee members will submit the bid before any of our ordinary members, and we could show the bidding email if they win the bid;

  2. The minimum bid for each shirt is HKD300, please submit your bid in every HKD50, e.g. HKD450, HKD850.

  3. The highest bid will win the shirt;

  4. If two or more members submit the same amount, we will prioritize in the following order:

  • Spurs Hong Kong member 2013/14 and 2014/15 (2 consecutive years)

  • Spurs Hong Kong member 2014/15;

  • Spurs Hong Kong member 2013/14;

  • The earlier bid win;

  1. If you bid for (9) and (16), Spurs Hong Kong could assign any of the shirts (of your colour) to you ;

  2. The deadline for submitting the bid is 20:00 on 20th May, 2015.

  3. Spurs Hong Kong will announce the winners in our website on 21st May, 2015, and winners have to pay and collect their shirts on or before 24th May, 2015. If the winners do not finish the payment before 24th May, then we will pass the chance to the second highest bid.

  4. For those shirts without a bid, they will go to the open auction in Phase 2.

Phase 2: Open Auction at Delaney's

Depending on the results of Phase 1, Spurs Hong Kong will arrange an open auction.

Who are eligible?

All Spurs supporters in Hong Kong (Members and Non-members of Spurs Hong Kong)


  1. Tentative open auction schedule.

  • Date: 24th May, 2015

  • Time: To be confirmed (21:00 or half-time during the Everton game)

  • Venue: Delaney's Wanchai

  1. Please bring enough cash. Once we accepted your bid, you have to pay and collect your shirt immediately.

Points to note:

  1. Spurs Hong Kong reserves the right to the final decision in case dispute arises;

  2. Please pay attention that all shirts are not brand new. Spurs Hong Kong will not be liable for the quality of the shirts.