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SPURS HONG KONG Loyalty Scheme

The Spurs HK Loyalty Scheme is implemented in May, 2018. The Loyalty Scheme is set up to be fair and right for all of our members and to reward those who support Spurs HK activities most regularly.

Loyalty points will go towards your priority for Spurs HK activities where demand for place exceeds availability (such as the bus parade and the autograph session when THFC visited Hong Kong in 2017).

How does the Loyalty Points System work?

The loyalty point system ensures those members that regularly join Spurs HK activities are recognized when we come to allocate places for the most popular activities.

Loyalty points will be used to allocate place when demand exceeds the places of the activity available. Spurs HK will clearly advise via the Communication Channels the number of loyalty points required to be able to apply for certain activities.

The amount of points offered will be detailed through the Club’s Communication Channels. In determining the allocation of loyalty points (which is entirely at the Club’s discretion), we take in to account a number of factors such as the relative attractiveness of the activities.

Loyalty points are offered when a Spurs HK member:

  • Join or renew the Spurs HK membership;
  • Participate in Spurs HK activities, e.g. the X'mas Party, charity visit or the Prediction League;
  • Buy Spurs HK souvenir;
  • Negotiate or provide a benefit to fellow Spurs HK members;

Members can check their loyalty point total by sending email